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Friday, December 17, 2010

Rex Grossman?

Is Donovan McNabb grossly inaccurate at times? Yes. Does he move at age 34, as well as he did at 24? No. Does he deserve some the blame for the team being 5-8 and losing 3 games in a row? Yes. Is he the best quarterback the Redskins have had in years? Probably. Is he a better quarterback than Rex Grossman? No question.

However, news has broken out of Ashburn via Comcast Sports Net's Kelli Johnson that Grossman is getting the nod Sunday against Dallas. Apparently, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan believes Grossman has a better grasp of the offense, and that sitting McNabb gives the team the best change to win. Maybe. But I'm not buying it, and according to Johnson neither is the Redskin locker room.

Now, before I jump to conclusions, I am willing to concede that McNabb may not be 100% healthy. He has lacked spring in recent weeks, having taken numerous shots behind a woeful line. I'll also conced, we have yet to hear Head Coach Mike Shanahan or McNabb speak?

Further, I'll admit, I've been accused of being a McNabb apologist. I do think he's the best Redskin quarterback we've seen in years, at least as far back as Brad Johnson. Also, I am aware of his shortcomings, such as his afore mentioned inaccuracy, particularly on short passes.

And while we don't totally know where to lay the blame for the Redskins woeful decline in recent weeks, we know exactly where to lay the blame for this mess: Mike and Kyle Shanahan. The Shanahans traded for McNabb, the Shanahans brought this controversy to the fore with their silly benching of McNabb in Detorit, and the Shanahans made it worse in the aftermath by giving everyone the run around about cadence and cardio vascular conditioning, instead of simply admitting the decision was ill fated. And if this thing blows up, the Shanahans can't say they inherited McNabb, like they could with Albert Haynesworth. This will be their mess, 100% created and 100% grossly mishandled, by them, and only them.

I might understand this shoot the moon play, if the team had an ace in the hole. Further, I would be happy to admit Sunday evening, I was wrong, if Grossman plays well and leads the team to victory. But I don't see it.

Team Shanahan is putting too much stock in Grossman. They've likely already disenfranchised the sensitive McNabb, and risk disenfranchising their locker room, which was beginning to show signs of coming together after the Haynesworth mess.

And if this grows wrong, we will know exactly where to lay the blame.


  1. Somehow, I don't think McNabb is the Redskins main problem. An inconsistent O-Line, a non-existent running game since Portis has been down, and the worst set of wide receivers since Torrance Small and James Thrash were in Philly, oh and a meddlesome owner who has dubious football knowledge. Same QB, better complementary pieces and the Eagles went to the NFC Championship just last year.

  2. Marc:

    The team is a complete mess--has been for years. Its largely due to their lack of continuity and constantly changing everything around.

    This only makes the problem worse, as you continue this cycle of change, change, change. I'd understand it if you had a young stud waiting in the wings, but Rex Grossman?

    I wrote an article the other day about their continuity problems. Check it out if you want. Thanks for reading and writing.....Brian

  3. I think anyone who believed McNabb was the answer was greatly fooling themself. He consistently has been overrated and, while he has had his moments over his career, has never really measured up to al the hype surrounding him. His performances in his final two Eagles games last year (both against the Cowboys) finally exposed his decline. Many believed a change in address would rejuvenate the QB, but when has that ever happened before?

    Shanahan made a huge mistake signing McNabb and has finally admitted to it by benching him. If the new QB were anyone else besides Grossman, no one really would be surprised. But really, what does Shanahan have to lose by starting him? The 'Skins are going nowhere this year. Might as well find out if a change of address was good for Rex.

  4. Shayne:

    Its easy to say now, the Skins made a mistake signing McNabb. However, I don't think anyone was expecting him to be a Brady or Manning. I do think McNabb was an upgrade over what we had and a professional, credible leader.

    You're right....if they had a young stud this wouldn't be so controversial. But I've seen the Rex Grossman movie before.

    Thanks for reading and writing....Brian